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tv   RT News  PBS  April 5, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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the i should. photographs afghanistan's presidential election with reports that the court. despite an increase in taliban attacks leading up to the ball. he sells its mobile phone giant is time to hang up on squeezing trouble is wrong everyone now it's global warming charges are quite outdated. so one of customers expected the bill to go up into the dam was built on this program. we invite the city to be won with a lake by khalid bit late to join it's about continuing exploration of stuff inside it has been the spiritual
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side of this ancient natural the new. they want. it is up to natural is no one am here at most one thirty in the morning in afghanistan and that's the way we stop the sour. accounting for the one in afghanistan for ten student voting under the shadow of the taliban's terror threat. this could take several weeks before the successor to president karzai's main opposition captain of staging the latest developments from kabul. we did hear from the independent election commission. earlier the official tally is for civilians killed forty three wounded. intel contacts in the past twenty four hours for afghan security forces that the soldiers killed nine policemen and i have to say for afghanistan. this is a relatively bloodless day i'll
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know for at the exact challenge for quite some time as several weeks perhaps but officials do estimates record turnout seven million afghans captured the hearts of some twelve million eligible voters that is of course nearly sixty percent much higher that was on the last election. one of the biggest problems whether or not iran said it emerged that from today selection has been a shortage of talent across the country. this is likely a sign of either high voter turnout but the heart stopping could also explain it and this is of course the huge concern here because of a large number of afghans feel they've been deprived of the right to vote because it rejects the results of the selection as a legitimate ground for sharing my excitement and optimism about the future of the three challenges of course are going to be quite huge for whoever ends up leaving the country the next president won't have the benefit of billions of u s dollars in aid and thousands of international forces to help the security situation. the economy at the moment is very much dependent on international support and this will be at risk when the twenty fourteen at me till i whipped off
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the plane comes to pass the time of the insurgency remains of rats in the next president or to attend to navigate into the political resolution with this insurgent group especially if he wants to get the economic situation under wraps at the questions are at the question do any doubt about whether this is feasible. she still remains ran rampant here also a major challenge so i ask for whatever food that next president will actually be out well the answer may be weeks if not months away but stick a closer look at some of the candidates traditional runs deep that's where frontrunner on shop when he comes in. i think the pasta and he stopped a former warlord as a running mate and then he described as a known killer the militia commander general joe stand accused of brutal killings in the civil war of the nineteen nineties. next is the struggle of dual out the runner up in the fraud riddled two thousand nine collection. one of his vice presidential picks is backed by a leader of notorious
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insurgent group the other is a former militia leader has been accused of human rights abuses. profile candidates are mine who is a long time technocrats and karzai's government the outgoing leader has not publicly endorsed anyone who is talented as his top choice the dorsal side office known as the man who brought the mom to afghanistan hardline islam is the former the warlord. now one of the country's most powerful anti cop that way says finally america's favorite of warlords who assures the night. nicknamed the bulldozer for his ruthlessly efficient way of getting things done. whoever wins has a world of work ahead. if you did dependent economy is likely to take a hit with the departure of foreign troops. corruption is pervasive. talabani are still waging an insurgency was the captain of our team afghanistan. will this stop looking for digital content of new backers one altogether course millions of afghans been affected by the war two in the past twelve years of
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us and occupation of lisa kept the fish from across afghanistan to meet in various people on it travels has some of his life to ensure that earthly body of twelve years of us led occupation addition to pictures as well. for instance is a small snapshot this woman if she lost to bolton to tell about it i can attest this is the week before the election. let's bring in this guide. twelve year old guy shall overcome above is now recovering in hospital who built and paid for him. we say here is the seat of the season of motherhood had to resort to bernice got to kabul in a cobbled refugee camp to keep their end. tall bald man to kiss him. firewood is just an affordable luxury. just a small snapshot of life. up to two of his job is going to be the soul the country and they don't have to do it as a bit eerie more or less without makers help map. us led forces are pulling out of afghanistan the thousands of american troops the police to remain under a proposed security pact with kabul the afghan authorities to prevent any food even been on the road. despite
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the resurgent as a u s officials say the animations been a success. is coming to japan. us officials are known for glossing over the result of almost thirteen years of war in afghanistan. so what does the collapse of the show for afghanistan. we achieved our central goal. we choose war have come very close to achieving a central role which is two the contest. all right. to dismantle. the us has the capacity it's on and on the starters. afghanistan is yet again becoming a magnet for extremist forces from across central asia the group's to pull a parade rather than diminished since the us presence there. and so they are that much more active that much more in pool one till today. they've they've actually been created in the period the united states was actually there and so we actually created
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that that the more extremism if you will the gospel says the deal is concluded that the taliban led insurgency afghanistan will intensify following the drawdown of u s and allied troops there at the end of twenty fourteen the taliban have grown so strong that after years of fighting group. washington now finds itself in a position with the zip after the talks with the talent that the us says the us invasion during production in afghanistan has surged almost forty times the country now provides nearly ninety percent of the world's opium and . this is one whose granddaughter is the only bond while they were in church or two about destroying the drug production that was the whole time lol. when we invaded in two thousand won. now they've come to rely upon the very drugs to try to distort for their own self funded in twenty twelve it was estimated to have a book any sense for me with drug addicts. the bulk of the money race from opium production goes to war wounds and for the eels extremist the us government has spent
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around seven hundred the lean dollars in afghanistan since the invasion. not counting the bright idea to catch any doubt i can see i need to afghan officials. we have a more responsible and realize it's for the corruption because when we co created by the fact we've just gone through so much money after the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction says the leaders were wasted the watchdog also said the pentagon has even hire companies with suspected ties to terrorists. united states government subsidizing the taliban and al qaeda the network. those groups that are trying to shoot in kill our soldiers. exact number of afghan civilians who died as a result of the us invasion is difficult to verify the putting to some estimates is over thirty thousand in two thousand three hundred and sixteen us soldiers were killed in afghanistan me of those who survived are carrying forms that no one can see the suicide rate among u s
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serviceman has been startling on average every day one and two kiwi soldier takes their life. the ultimate price both nations of the page is more than any artist can cover. in washington and an exchange on rte. related to new york makes social justice attending been a month for her reaction to the mission accomplished statements coming out of washington whether it's worth it for you. it has in it. here are all white male power in a lot of money off these war crimes and cincinnati. and you have no conscience that. it's worth it. annie also know that you're out of any kind of accountability. i'm getting it connects the statements and the torture and genocide op i think it's the thought that the retail contemporary art at auction in our society but of course is not worth it to the hundreds of thousands of people who've been killed in action this week with an orchard. i didn't start out to deliberately targeted by our
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troops in iraq to make time to listen. i think it's embarrassing and it's incredibly to the victims kubrick was trying on new friends and some of the coming days weeks is that folks are attempted the results come out of course but she kept nope is updating its from kumble on an idle mind is what you are not international. complete and the subject next to emma said tokens she probably the man is that never tried traveling around europe lately anyway with a mobile phone just hopping across the baltic and said bill scott are up to date with the eu is intends to force down costs could backfire and see everyone paying more peter all of that. back from holiday but landed with an unexpected bill. this woman in london was told she owed nineteen pounds and pounds fee using a phone approach brussels is set to make sure looks like not impossible within the eu might eliminate seen roaming charges in time everyone now thinks global
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warming charges are quite outdated. basically even the companies themselves citizens can do these in the around the eu crossing borders bunny likes it to come even sometimes wholesome counts. but the moments whilst movement across the borders might be free if you will need to fill form of doing it. it's gonna cost you just a few steps from germany into poland the text message means that even a short phone call from where i'm stoked with the cameras could end up costing the old became the euro. when you factor in things like take the challenges that all adds up to a pink phone bill to make big profits for the phone company. so guessing means of extensive grooming costs should be addicting but looks can see in this. perhaps helps when you're in the nation's common no signs wounded eighteen hundreds to get the best deal is likely to become provide us with two than money than sense and isn't running charges by racing back seat
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tyrants. so instead the trouble is getting fleeced in the phone. all eu customers will most likely be on the receiving end of hefty challenge is using them though files before he's done some telecom giants grumble that the enforcement reaches competition lol. brussels the pieces then i turned the times he shouldn't have to pay forty five times more to send an email to the country next door. but if you were sending it to someone in the next sitting that's not reasonable but still there. russell's decision means come see him as the roman wait to kiss him goodbye to remain challenges by twenty fifteen will be its tea is lee said the new reaching the plants. just don't expect the phone companies to waste time watching their easy profits fully off to the song stands at the stall of a faulty building. those pesky so goes the stressing us we've got a bit of solace coming up a new area are invited to submit us to self and to make it. but
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back to life like in a few minutes but once they continue to be an adventure beat the local heroes who rebuilt the itt levels of lead next to those who because of what all the world's deepest lake and share discoveries and betsy airship intelligence on the way just a bit late to this off. room the news the ukranian hundreds in protest against euthanasia demanding a referendum for the region's future is the country sees continues to defy the new authorities watch this story. people have been taking to the streets was actually
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different slogans with many state to protest against against ukraine's new authorities the camping site that don't recognize these people as they did to halt the country and the adults ready to abate the award isn't a baby in the lives of people that have been on skype with ev rights. it's for self determination have been calling on the referendum to decide the future. once the country's top of the season reactions towards a friend in christ is honor among other reasons for people in the ukraine images to me and happy again and this job can ask another group of protesters has gathered in front of the german consulate had to express their anger against what they say is germany's interference into the ukraine's internal praised the demonstrators have signed a petition asking based information and hopefully open country cheese topped support and authorities in kiev. in such a way as this protest is pointed at encouraging spreading of fascism in
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the ukraine an old city tried to convince other western countries to change. deadpool this is the people in ukraine's easter spirit than on tv all she has been thriving in the capital since the coup and we are tired of being ignored by the new government. we are waiting for response from the germans and we'll be ready petition this region must decide if they are actions are fully legitimate. we will not stop we note that said the dedication of the legacy that has a right to decide to hike up the carpet on the eastern ukraine was welcomed to the body and not the demonstration with people carrying slogans go home go home. you don't hear people's voices. wilma hoping for an objective facts are that the committee have an agenda you and nobody talks the whole com so when we hear a controversial statements from nate in leadership saying that the organization is ready to provide to the continent during the age
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old ukraine something kiev has earlier asked for. to me that the population people in those countries that they didn't need to amend the country's an otherwise supporting the government's behavior. according to recent polls were simple sixty percent of american population do not support with its government is doing a box big ukraine in prizes elsewhere we reveal online that north korea is keeping everyone guessing about its nuclear intentions. but despite this for the faces of the un and the country's deputy ambassador to the world must look like thingy. find out what companies need to take the bits he really is an article called for more facts also the place to find out try to cut off the ship has been awful one us official who said to the china could be next in line to sanctions south america's earthquake scale is being followed but now it's cool but the road to find out about these pictures and video this incredible
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volcanic eruption the mb so when the pope was definitely a good outcome. two companies scramble to exploit shale gas reserves opposition to the controversial with extracted is getting louder environmental activists say franken should be banned until the day shawn problem to be safe. i just remind you briefly of the press is one of the deal it is fairly straight foot facility drill down and that new weaponry and illegal or something for the children told me it up like usual then didn't even get highly pressurized it mixes of water and chemicals which frees up the oil and gas. the spa the problem the ride to toxic chemicals injected in a band that released and so's over a period of time the warriors they can contaminants can come in a nearby groundwater tables. also the weights fluids that have come to the left on the top again to evaporate off nice and clean as cassius stitches at me faint. another probe into
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the atmosphere. so that's a hassle as the bad side of the business types. tracking is economic gold said. some us scientists don't agree they wanted to be a health risk because of what i was talking bout of my shoulder that percentage is still ultimately kill the still probing with the increase isn't diagnosed heart defects among comes out the red meat to the temple to living a working the shale gas drilling site policing time again mass rallies people a watery be held across the globe in the us canada romania and most notably lately as well. the franking champion the united kingdom while tuesday in an oatmeal two into one image executive about what he thinks can be done to prevent further environmental damage earthquakes. dave bought my mom holds water contamination welcome to the controversial world of frosting. if you're from great britain frosting is coming to a place near you that's because a recent report showed that half the country could be liable for licensing for shield gas
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exploration and some of the examples i gave her a year into the tv side effects not really just the tip of the iceberg was a long term effects that these are simply vera on the grind. so thanks much for coming into the rt offices to speak to us to have an efficient that it was too busy with something don't know what the consequences could be when it comes to tracking down the line in the uk to be having a specific kingdom in europe no desire to play kites going up to one of the points i was report by a leading academic stress uk. the seductive are a number of quotes on loans when it comes to see if the health of future cropping areas and not seems to be the issue here what will occur in the future. i think we have good data on the academics many may argue that the data in the uk but with the geology who lived with the process of fact he does not differ from germany to poland russia united states uk is not safer for the front teaching teenagers to settle down and saying whoa whoa don't we. we need to do more testing more
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experimenting and long term effects before we start getting changes that might not be able to be rectified to a half decades we've been very reactive united states truman show gets lost or that which took twenty thousand last year there. so he did the last ten years were to order fifty thousand wells and told us that's a heckuva lot of data but nevertheless there is increased resistance folks at stopping occurring with a great deal or it's the right to write the year across the uk. the problem is when big business and government get together. opposition and reasoned that they can be the last thing on their minds. no real artsy london. so as it comes when venezuela's decision to hold a job opposition leader responsible for deadly anti government demonstrations in navy ships but fresh protests in caracas the thing that might be hard to get
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the credit for them to step back. i agree rallies against lies and cry when it's like making things and for the race of the fifty million died and hundreds wounded it's the present because the dealer insists that the protests to roll straight and funded by the united states significance of the eight pointed might be too disappointed too chilly tuesday calling on the government to provide them with shelter and eighty six died in the disaster hundreds of thousands of the displaced. it is located in areas with high seismic activity in sweden greece make a call from gladly suffer the two hundred smaller quakes in recent weeks. maybe just maybe glimmer of hope in a breakthrough the search for missing the laser airlines flight that makes me sad and take a chinese patrol ships as it takes up a signal on the same frequency used by at croft flight recorders know that no confirmation of all this taken from the neck to get the time is running out of course because those folks we have a bad said thirty
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days with the pontiff of the style of singing the bunny triple seven disappeared many a month ago the two hundred and thirty nine people on board meeting tomorrow the most mysterious aviation institute at when isa course tomorrow with team about to go home. that such a lead for a bit with the ancients one of the world's natural wonders stretches like my column on the side that has long been a source of deep spirituality than locals who considered to be life is sacred the problem of things committing to channel the late hours. in addition new i am. i do. each icon beautiful spiritual mystical nietzsche's it. so on. he
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says dominique mysterious heals us to give you thanks for the retail growth and a strong bike on the direct people up he is not just locals to enjoy on by the special magnet on my ankle and feel connected to it barry came on the cross and cons to an amount of the korean people and this crucial connection to the prism only. the layouts believe the first and foremost down late by collis alive and sacred entity. and if you stand by the lake and you hold her hands out like this. and if you really attentive you feel there is a special kind of energy coming up at night. that makes you special. nice to find the south. well we found themselves should be stocking is decent in the show. one day phyllis mind into something more about its
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problems. after all that it is time to continue as coach of jamie intimate bunco i have the one that the re introduced me to the bowling and even counting the receipt and one non financials to connect me to mother nature or inspiring gift. i was the mandatory entry to the new comment on it and without hands together. he told me we need to move around in circles getting things to make my call for more full commons of the act she told me to fit the topic of the taiwan straits and two thousand and eight. as we go around the franco. and signings. that's exactly twenty days. although im not thinking jumping out to greet and i did feel a sense of calmness and enjoyed it finds the mini stories connected to these ancient books and stories of millions to financial problems centuries old kristen and right you
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have all been whispered about the place. this seems to be never entered into the story the link to the special autonomy in southern siberia the knee and it's not a bond that this fact about the respect of the key to the make believe college. i will find many. even the bizarre story here is some truth in them. if anything is possible out to don t want to. my day. on the bike route in siberia bought two. with suitably cent and hoping to fully pursue that is not the cheese to the break to get the name of the mainstream and achingly sad. this resulted in ashland kevin i went to bc to or might not see it now for the next four years of thing. ay ay ay ay ay ay. ch the day. is you. i will
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exactly sixty years ago according to the guardian the soviet union actually try to join nato to create an allied air of peace in a post world war to world and what isn't a big hit. nato said the offer was unrealistic and i were discussing one year later the warsaw pact was born in the cold war started decades later nothing has changed. neil continues to expand despite breaking agreements not to expand which surround russia and china with faces all offers from russia to jointly run the missile shield that nato setting up in europe are called ignored. couldn't they have given russia a nice we sat on the state department that she used nicotine is tough on a lot of money for democracy development and regime change into the former soviet union ukraine got five billion alone as revealed by assistant secretary of state who went in her own speech these sorts of things have pushed russia to form the shanghai cooperation organization with china which is basically warsaw pact want
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to. yet history is repeating itself but what the mainstream media hype about russian aggression or unwillingness to cooperate for you. history shows the aggressive punk whopper div one really is a crash just typing it. room. in the beginning the eighteenth century authors of all the old fashioned little house. that case was not about to change this fall for his hit attracting people to top seeds were even times when will the states make a cd fashionable again. scott looked into to town to take a boat is the one who is anyone going to cost. electric one of the most traded stock your
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face jane austen was inspired by profs don't ever sees grandparent beans and fashionable shops. he did several of austen's novels to date the city hosts the jane austen festival at the second half. george spencer pulling for the wealthy enough to dress up as to the ctc say well. the georgian style resort was named as the battery of tests at everything in context and the kids and the key to any guidance was to provide housing to go to the twenty ten can think is unique in style. i knew the kitchen bench and a terraced house was torn the house he's going to get in the beautiful night it's a rental. it was essential to effective id act they were muddled come into play. when ethical and effective care season on the second. for the cycle when teamed with guitar ace has his comments one on top of the half hour to break the streak that includes running around. actually he
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beat kerry says it's well how to make these same kids. well it's the sexiest week sen graham and it's kept his comments and pacing. it is like to get to the car to see him in reading and inside out he became a tourist attraction in the same right the fielding team that they can involve spread across the country and terraced houses quickly became the norm and pre teens made to ctc. the us . each. once
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welcome to this line. trying to help. recovery teams searching for the missing men they see airlines flight the seventy odd they seem to find it's too tiring day to the court as expats say that the x rays coming to the quotas in majesty because expected to die in a few tanks. john thought it was carried out the whole team from the wharf and ships focusing on an area about one thousand seven hundred km northwest of australia the us navy has provided special devices to assist in finding that two black boxes what a sonic waves from


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